‘Yaegl Biirrinba’

Yaegl mob record new song lines in a stunning new music video

380 Crew is a group of incredible young First Nations artists from Yaegl Country, Northern New South Wales. The group has evolved from a storytelling project with local Elders from Maclean, Yamba and surrounding communities, funded by The Yulgilbar Foundation, hosted by Maclean High School and facilitated and directed by the charity organisation Desert Pea Media.

Their new song and music video ‘Yaegl Biirrinba’ (This Is Our River) is released on Thursday 2 August.

Toby Finlayson from Desert Pea Media said, “The song ‘Yaegl Birriinba’ is the product of an
incredible collaboration between Yaegl Elders and the students. It’s a powerful record of local history. The children’s words, their ideas and their story.”

Desert Pea Media projects involve a dialogue-based storytelling process that encourages participants to analyse ‘the real’, ‘the ideal’ and ‘the bridge’. In simple terms,  this means critically thinking about how to create positive change for yourself, for each other and for our communities. The Yaegl Nation is unique in language and culture, existing between two larger nations, Bundjalung and Gumbayngirr.

Its people are custodians of the Lower Clarence, the largest coastal river in New South Wales. The Elders’ resilience, knowledge and desire for a better future for the younger generations have empowered the project. Their message is simple… strive for whatever you want to achieve; nothing is impossible; believe in yourself and your culture.

Maclean High School Deputy Principal and Instructional Leader for Aboriginal students, Liza Hamilton, led the project for Maclean High. “The project was an exciting initiative for the school; the students and the Elders have fully embraced it. The end result has made us so proud of them,” Ms Hamilton said. Ms Hamilton went on to say, “This project was unique because it allowed time for the Elders to tell their stories to the students. They relayed the hardships they endured when they were the same age as our students; however, they never let such experiences define them.”

About this track

‘Yaegl Biirrinba’ is a celebration of culture, community and country. In a context where mental health and suicide are at a crisis point for Indigenous young people around the nation, this song is a reminder of the strength, resilience and cultural identity of the Yaegl people. The track includes Yaygirr language sung by the Yaegl Elders. Elders welcome listeners to enjoy their story of life growing up in the Clarence Valley and pass on resilience to the younger generations.

WATCH VIDEO ON // https://tinyurl.com/380crew-yaegl
DOWNLOAD ASSETS // https://tinyurl.com/DPM-Maclean
FURTHER INFO //www.desertpeamedia.com

Desert Pea Media

Desert Pea Media (DPM) works with communities in regional and remote areas with a strong focus on creative engagement and outcomes through contemporary storytelling techniques, fostering important social and cultural dialogue. The ultimate aim for Desert Pea Media is to short-circuit the structures of inequality through the intergenerational expression of cultural and social issues, focusing on solutions and positive choices. Over 16 years, DPM has produced 150 music videos and 12 documentaries for over 70 communities. Desert Pea Media’s videos have over 2.5 million views on their YouTube channel.

Co-written by and starring:

Latifah Taylor, Latoiah Anderson, Charlize Yuke, Isabella Mercy-Bushell, Dawson Vesper, Jaida Boney, Toby Burnes, Taurus Shone, Brianna Roberts, Reece Warburton, Jaydah Shone, Kai Thomsen, Leroy Laurie, Melanie Laurie, Rebecca Shannon, Destinee Walker, Billy Woods, Ngheri Kapeen, Nick Torrens, Lilli Kennedy, Zhanae Whalley, Charlotte Williams


Toby Finlayson: Director/Writer/ DOP/Drone Pilot/Editor

Josh Nicholas: Music Producer/Drone Pilot/Facilitator

Jannali Doncaster: Co-Writer/Facilitator/Dancer/Singer

Mitch O’Hearn: Second Camera/Camera Two

David Nicholas: Audio Mixing

Darren Ziesing: Audio Mastering

Genevieve Kaiser: Grading/Graphics

Rachel Rowe: Producer/Business Manager

Maclean High School will be launching the song and music video at the school on Thursday 2 August.

Contributed by Liza Hamilton from Maclean High and Desert Pea Media. Published in 2019.