Cultural Portraits Project

A project that our Aboriginal Education Team has been working on this term is the Cultural Portraits project.

This project involved staff and students having a portrait taken within a cultural setting on the school grounds. This is part of an ongoing strategy to promote culture and the Yaegl perspective in our school community, appropriately and inclusively. These photographs are just a sample; over 50 students had their photographs taken, as well as five staff members. The photographs were then formatted into a powerpoint presentation that was shown to students and staff during NAIDOC Week. A big thank you to Anjanette Warburton, Deborah Breckenridge and Sam Kapeen for assisting with the students, including supervising the decorative face and body painting, and helping students relax while the photographs were taken. Special thanks to Krystal Randall who was the creative force behind the project.

Story contributed by Liza Hamilton from Maclean High School. Published in 2020.