This year, we celebrated NAIDOC in the last week of Term 3 before the break. During the week, different activities were run at the school, including a primary school touch football gala day for Year 5 students.

On Tuesday 24th of June,  workshops were run for students that included talks on tools and artefacts as well as wood burning and clap stick making. Students also participated in a cultural Kahoot, and watched a native title video developed by the Aboriginal Education Team at Maclean High School. Thank you to Deborah Breckenridge, Krystal Randall, Anjanette Warburton and Sam Kapeen for all the organisation of the week.

Following the theme Heal Country, the Aboriginal Education team organised for members of the public to upload photographs of Yaegl Country on a community Padlet during the July holidays as a way of connecting with and recognising the importance of our surroundings, which is Yaegl Country.

Story contributed by Liza Hamilton from Maclean High School. Published in 2021.