Maclean High School Staff Cultural Tour

On Friday 17 December 2021, over 60 Maclean High School Staff participated in a cultural tour that was organised and facilitated by Maclean High School Aboriginal Education Staff, Anthony Kapeen, Krystal Randall, Anjanette Warburton and Deborah Breckenridge.

The tour was a collaborative community event where Yaegl Elders contributed their knowledge and experiences of growing up and living in Yaegl Country. The tour covered four significant sites for Yaegl People where each Aboriginal Education Worker and Yaegl Elders gave the staff information and cultural knowledge regarding that site. The staff visited the site of the Fig Tree at the Maclean Showground, viewed Ulgundahi Island from Yamba Road, explored Green Point and then stopped at the Yamba Museum for morning tea and to get together with community members. The tour aimed to familiarise and support staff in their understanding of Yaegl country and Yaegl culture, as well as having an awareness of and recognising this area of cultural and geographic significance.

The tour was a huge success and a lovely day for sharing conversations and enjoying some of the best sites in Yaegl Country. Special thanks to all the Elders who gave up their time to come and talk to the staff. A big thank you also to Aunty Beris and Aunty Pandy for running the Green Point site.

The importance of such events can never be underestimated in terms of promoting a greater understanding of Aboriginal histories and cultures, as well as enhancing personal relationships between the Aboriginal community and Maclean High School. There is no doubt that the experiences and knowledge that each staff member took away that day will be transferred to classrooms over the next school year, which will benefit all our students.

Story contributed by Liza Hamilton from Maclean High School. Published in 2022.